6 weeks (55 mins. /wk.)
$140 (HST incl.)
BDOC members class fees $120 (HST included)
PREREQUISITE:  K-9 Scent Detection Level II classes or approval of class instructor.

This class is for handlers and their dogs who are interested in competing in the Sport Detection Dog Association (SDDA) trials or interested in building upon the skills learned in the Level II class. We will continue to build upon the strong foundation odour hunting skills you and your dog learned, focusing on building high drive for search for all 4 elements (containers, interior, exterior, and vehicles). This class will prepare you for titling and competition environment (including distractions) for the Started SDDA title. For one or two classes, we may travel to a novel location to ensure dogs can generalize their scenting skills in a new environment. You will have the opportunity to enhance your observational skills and ability to read your dog’s body language. We will continue to work on a passive alert for those dogs who are ready. We will challenge you and your dog by having you search different types of “containers”. In addition you and your dog will be introduced to searching for “pine” odour.


Please bring your dog's vaccine certificate to first class.

All dogs must have their core vaccines (or titres) as recommended by your veterinarians.  While not compulsory, it's highly recommended that dogs are also inoculated against Bordetella.

Class dates:

TBD - if you are interested email bdoctraining@gmail.com and once we sufficient numbers we will organize a class

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