6 weeks (55 mins. /wk.)
Class fees $140 (HST included)
BDOC members class fees $120 (HST included)
This class re-touches the basics of scent detection by increasing the dogs' commitment to stay at a target scent.  You will also teach the dog to give an "alert".  The class will focus on passive alert which means the dog won't make physical contact with the scent but will notify its owner by sitting or downing and staring at the location of the scent.  There will be more complex indoor and outdoor searches (including vehicles).


Please bring your dog's vaccine certificate to first class.

All dogs must have their core vaccines (or titres) as recommended by your veterinarians.  While not compulsory, it's highly recommended that dogs are also inoculated against Bordetella.

Class dates:

Sunday, March 15 - April 26/20     10:00 - 11:00 am                  Instructor: Adelle Forth 

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