The BDOC demo team was formed over 30 years ago and has regularly entertained seniors and shut-ins with obedience exercises and tricks galore. The team visits residences at least twice a month and often three times a month from Sept to June. We visit Peter Clark residences, Elizabeth Bruyere, Olde Forge, St Vincent's hospital, Carleton Lodge, the Ravine Residence, New Orchard Lodge and many other homes around the city. Lydia is our chief and diligently arranges visits and times. Ruth is our spokesperson during the demo and keeps the 'show' running smoothly. We have recently lost two of our 4 legged members: Bernese Mountain Dog Rolli and Golden Retriever Tammy. Both were wonderful demo team members since they loved to visit everyone and had lots of tricks to share. 

We have 13 members:

  • Betty Ann and Miniature Poodle Leah
  • Helen and her Soft Coated Wheaton grand dog Archie and her Shetland Sheepdog Coco
  • Rod and Ruth and their American Cocker Spaniel Cecil
  • Ghislaine and her Miniature Poodles Jaxon and William
  • Barb and her Portuguese Water Dog Frida 
  • Adelle and her Flat Coated Retriever Zak
  • Wendy and her mini Labradoodle Katy,
  • Nancy and her Shitzu-Poodle mix Barney
  • Kelly and her Labradoodle Charlie
  • Paul, Lydia, and Jan.

Our performance consists of some very original tricks such as Coco saying her prayers, Archie playing dead, Zak showing off his scenting ability, Leah doing her retrieve and recall, William tidying his mini tennis balls, Cecil going to his mat and spinning, Frida doing her balancing tricks, Barney likes to fetch pretty baskets for his Mom, Katy loves to spin on a pedestal and tidy her toys, and Charlie being shy.  All of these tricks are combined with long sits/downs, retrieves, signals, recalls and heeling demos.

It truly is a fun hour and extremely rewarding as residents reminisce about their former dogs, all the time smiling and petting the dogs.

For more information, to book a demo, or if you would like to join our demo team,

please contact Barb at

The BDOC Obedience Demonstration team is always looking for new members!

Fall, 2017 Schedule

Monday, Aug 21, 11 am  Jack Purcell Centre

Thursday, Sept 7, 11 am  Marochel Manor

Thursday, Sept 14, 2 pm  Granite Ridge Ret. Home

Thursday, Sept 21, 1 pm   Good Companions

Monday, Sept 25, 1:45 pm  Carleton Lodge

Thursday, Oct 5, 2 pm  Carefor, Veterans Hospital

Thursday, Oct 19, 2 pm  Peter D. Clarke

Monday, Oct 23, 1 pm   Bells Corners Friendship Club

Thursday, Nov 2, 1 pm  Rotary House

Thursday, Nov 16, 2 pm  West End Villa

Spring, 2018 Schedule
Thursday, March 1, 2 pm New Orchard Lodge
Thursday, March 15, 2 pm, Guest House, Perley Rideau Veterans
Thursday, March 22, 2 pm, Starwood
Thursday, March 29, 2 pm, West End Villa
Tuesday, April 3, 2 pm , Carleton Lodge
Thursday, April 12, 1 pm, Good Companions
Thursday, April 26, 2 pm, Grace Manor
Thursday, May 3, 2 pm, Laurier Manor
Tuesday, May 15, 2 pm, Medex

Thursday, May 31, 2 pm West End Villa

Tuesday, June 12, 1:15 pm, Old Forge Community Centre

Thursday, June 28, 2 pm, Embassy West Senior Living


This following submission is written by submitted by Lydia Schuppli (typed by her daughter)


The demo - actually a misnomer since we do more fun things than just demo - was started by Vera and Clint McEvoy over 25 years ago. Later Nadine Sears took over the bookings. In 1998 she moved into a retirement home and couldn't do it anymore; Paul volunteered me to take over the bookings. Since then we have done at least 450 demos - maybe even more - and we are still at it, with about 7 - 9 dogs. We and the dogs do this - no charge! But we like to be introduced and thanked, which does not always happen. Our dogs are a good bunch, they know each other and seem happy to show off what they can do. Each dog has his special talent - sometimes, it is just lying on the floor and acting silly, which always draws lots of applause. Some are very clever and sniff and find things. Others can do a whole routine with just hand signals, sit in boxes - tail in, lie down on a blanket when told, know colours, and even help you up when you fall. They all like the tunnel at the end of the show. People love to see the dogs run and just be happy. We entertained kids during the March Break at the Jack Purcell Centre. It was probably the happiest time with our dogs, and the children loved them. Our last demo this spring was with disabled adults, who could not tell the dogs they loved them, but just touched them and felt their fur. It was a good ending for the season. We look forward to the fall season, we have one booking already. Let us not forget the members who cannot come anymore, and whose dogs were loved by the group. Eleanor Rede with her coffee-loving mini dachshund, and Gilbert Jamieson who drove faithfully the hour from Prescott - his poodles were so smart and loved by the group. Thank you also to the others who came before them. 

Carleton Lodge - May 2016

Carleton Lodge May 2016
Carleton Lodge May 2016
Carleton Lodge May 2016
Carleton Lodge May 2016
Carleton Lodge May 2015
Carleton Lodge May 2016
Demo Team 2012

Brie - Black Poodle (Gib Jamieson)

Dice - Dalmation (Barb Jeffrey)

Paddy - Apricot Poodle (Helen McGill)

Rolli - Bernese Mountain Dog (Paul & Lydia Schupplie)

Tia - American Cocker Spaniel (Ruth & Rod Craig)

Nikki - Dachshund (Eleanor Ede)

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